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The Difference Between Solar Street Light And Traditional Light

The Difference Between Solar Street Light And Traditional Light

1. The price of solar street lights is higher than that of ordinary street lights. At the same time, there is also a great improvement in quality.

2. If it is a model construction of the same scale, taking all the costs into consideration, the initial investment of solar street lights is similar to the initial investment of ordinary lamps.

3. For ordinary lamps, the installation cost varies according to the scale and the price is different. The larger the scale, the higher the related costs. Compared with solar street lamps, solar street lamps will save a lot.

4. The transportation cost of ordinary street lights is obviously higher than the transportation cost of solar street lights, and the cost of large quantities will increase.

5. Solar street lights are easily affected by weather and environment during use. Now it is possible to change this stability through technology and control methods.

6. Ordinary lamps and lanterns need to consume a lot of electricity during the use process, while solar street lamps do not need to support additional electricity bills and have a longer service life.

7. Solar street lights are more independent during operation and easier to be controlled under the condition of rapid technological development.

Compared with ordinary street lights, solar street lights have obvious advantages and are more favored by the market. Its development prospects are even brighter in the future.