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Factors Affecting The Life Of Solar Street Lamps

Factors Affecting The Life Of Solar Street Lamps

Today, "inexhaustible", clean, pollution-free, renewable green energy solar street lights permeate every corner of our lives. The quality of solar street lights brings many benefits to everyone. Poor quality solar street lights only add to the trouble. If you use solar street lights that do not affect quality, you will know what factors affect the quality of solar street lights.  

1.If the controller gets wet with moisture or water, it will affect the performance of the controller and the lighting function of the streetlight will be lost. If the battery is over-discharged at this point, the battery will always be in a power loss state if maintenance is not timely. Both battery reuse and lifespan have a significant negative impact.

2. If the solar module is partially covered or damaged, the working efficiency of the solar module will be greatly affected. If only 10% of the solar panel is covered, the power generation efficiency of the solar module will be reduced by 50% and the operating current of the system will not reach. At rated operating current, the battery is often in a state of power loss, which has a significant impact on battery life. 

3. Light source: The life varies depending on the light source. Selectable light sources include low-voltage sodium lamps, low-voltage induction lamps, LED lamps, and low-voltage fluorescent lamps. Today, more sodium and LED lamps are in use. Sodium lamps are cheap. Life is short. LED lights are currently of high quality in 50,000 hours, theoretically 10 hours a day, and can be used for more than 10 years. Therefore, select the appropriate light source first. 

4. Light Source Starter: Different starting method, different ballast or drive power lamp is required. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED light source. Currently, it is generally driven by a constant current source. It is very important that the quality of the constant current source and the range of setting parameters are suitable for the light source. Mainly check the constant current accuracy, output efficiency, protection circuit, parameter setting range, etc.

5. Solar Controller: The controller does more than just control and protect the operational state of the PV components, storage batteries, and loads of the solar street light system. Effectively controls the operating state of the battery while indirectly protecting the load (solar street light), effective and relatively stable, especially in the case of insufficient or undervoltage or other critical conditions of the battery. Provides a working environment. A controller with high precision and stable performance plays an important role. For example, solar street lights may work with flickering. This faulty controller is one of the reasons. But not for all reasons. 

6. Battery: Choose a battery with relatively stable performance. In addition, the structure must be rigorous to prevent accidental factors such as water ingress. Otherwise, it indirectly affects the life of the streetlight.