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FAQ for Led

Solar LED is a type of lamp that is composed of a crystalline silicon photovoltaic panel (power source), smart controller (smart controller), lithium battery, lead acid (reserve source) and other components. other. In particular, our PIR sensor controller is capable of intelligent control and multi-function expansion.

  • Solar LED lights use energy absorbed through solar panels to convert into electricity, thereby helping users optimize use efficiency and save electricity costs.
  • Products using solar panels are a clean source of energy, especially effective when used in climatic conditions and high hours of sunshine like in Vietnam.
  • The use of solar LED lights helps to reduce CO2 emissions, minimize climate change caused by the greenhouse effect, contributing to environmental protection.
  • For businesses interested in investing in the green economy and sustainable development of the country, choosing to install solar LED lighting systems is a factor contributing to improving their competitive position. The brand's brand in the market is in line with the trend of economic development in Vietnam.

The LED system is easy to install in only about 5 minutes, does not require a lot of labor and does not need to use cumbersome installation tools and equipment.

  • With many years of experience in the international market, especially in big markets such as Pakistan, North America, Dubai,... Our products are installed according to the system and self-manufactured at the factory, integrated in the factory. compatible with smart technologies such as MPPT controller, IoT technology, etc. into lighting products, thereby helping users to use smart devices such as laptops, smartphones to manage, monitor the light system and provide information on waste management, traffic jam warnings, air quality and other information contributing to creating a green and safe city for people. people with timely solutions.
  • With advanced technology and experienced team, we offer business and personal users a wide range of patented products and international quality standards, along with installation systems. Easy, fast and convenient to use with the most suitable price.

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